The Project

SMC is a set of monkey NFTs in the Solana blockchain. Kiddo monkeys are a GEN 0 collection of 6939 monkeys generated algorithmically. The price of each KIDDO is 0.1 SOL with no binding curve. Each monkey is uniquely generated based on several traits associated with a particular rarity. These monkeys are stored in a decentralized IPFS repository. KIDDOs will be available immediately after mining and can be viewed in phantom, solflare or similar wallets.


Design, layout, smart contract development, web3 integration


Landing Page for the NFT collection sale


Web-site for sale of the unique NFT pictures

We Were Responsible For

Website design development

The development of a unique design according to the reference of the Kiddo Monkeys collection

React layout with illustrations and animations

Adaptive layout for all user devices

Smart-contract in the Solana network with the web3 integration and upload assistance

Smart-contract in the Solana network with the web3 integration and upload assistance

Key Features

The design development according to the terms of reference

Using of the animation  

Demonstration of intermediate results 

Ongoing communication during development

The adaptive layout using React.js

Assistance and support in uploading the collection to the marketplace 

Writing a smart contract and integration it web3

Testing of the contract 

Technologies have been used:

Technologies have been used:


10 days

10 days in total for platform development and product improvements


Project Manager





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