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The Project

Online store that specializes in goods for the kitchen


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online store


An online store that specializes in products for the kitchen, with a huge range of products, from cookware to exotic teas and coffees.

We Were Responsible For

Technological analysis

Initially, the client's site was implemented on a custom architecture, atypical for e-commerce, which made design development difficult. Our team analyzed all the key points of the implementation.

Consulting the client

A solution in the form of a multi-tiered architecture implementation, providing logic and design. Making adjustments to existing client code

Process of basic software refinement

We have successfully developed an architecture that has been implemented in the form of separate modules based on classes

Key Features

Create a unique design 

Adaptive version for all devices

Use of testing and validation tools

New fields and database tables

MySQL integration

Basic site technology support

No performance degradation

No unexpected bugs and crashes

New architecture in the form of class-based modules

MVC Approach to Programming

Technologies have been used:

Technologies have been used:


14 days

14 days in total for platform development and product improvements






How We Helped The Client’s Business?

We helped the client to correspond to the needs of the customers and provided the possibility to grow the business improving the position of their product on the market.

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